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  1. Blue lakes open for business..... well at least lower

    Spent the weekend at blue lakes. Lower campground just opened Friday. Road is closed just past lower blue campground for dam rebuild at upper. Bank fishing was tough but managed some nice...
  2. Re: Any Updates on Hwy 88 Silver, Caples, Blue Lakes

    Was at silver last week with 4-H camp kids and caught a bunch of planters around the dam and on the trail to granite lake from plasses. Slider sinker with two powerbait eggs and some trophy trout...
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    Re: Garmin Tr-1 Gold Autopilot problem

    I had similar problems a few years back. I found a poor connection on the deck mount switch and resoldered it and has worked fine since. I think I had to cut their shrink tube around the deck mount...
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    Re: Hwy 88 Lakes, anyone been up there?

    Fishing at silver with 4-H campers this week. For the amount of time these kids are able to keep their lines in the water we have done ok on powerbait eggs with a sliding sinker setup. Dam area and...
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    Re: Anyone Headed to the Gorge?

    Headed out on 7/6 for our 11th season and hopefully our best. There is always room for improvement, right?? I will be in a white North River and my buddy(next time) has a blue and grey Gulfstream. We...
  6. Re: Alipne County- Blue Lakes and the nearby Twin Lake

    I've fished twin a couple of times. Once from the boat which yielded some beautiful cuthroats to18". Just trolled a small spoon. The time from shore we were just hanging out with the kids so I...
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