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    Love to fish, looking for a ride.

    Retired an can go almost any time on short notice. Have all my own gear and can use down riggers . Been fishing for many years. Will help with costs and clean up.
    wont do H.M.B. To far for me.
  2. Re: Have Boat - Need fishing buddy with truck - 10/28 - 10/29- or WHENEVER!!!!!!!

    Did you find some one to help. ?
  3. Re: Monday 6/18 Salmon Fishing - Looking for Fishing Buddy - Loch Lohmand, San Rafael

    If in the event you need a crew in the future please let me know. I have all my own gear and have been fishing these waters for years.
    I know how to operate down-riggers and other equip. Would love...
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    Looking For A Fishing Buddy

    Looking for a fishing buddy. I am retired and love to fish in the bay or ocean. I can go at almost anytime and have all my own gear. If you need someone to Crew and split expenses let me know . Live...
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