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    Re: Sniffer/Hooker Fishermen burned in fire

    It’s been along time now and was wondering if anyone has heard or knows how Mr Popper has been doing.
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    Re: Monsters of the deep

    Nice job bro, and great fish. Man you had your drag set tight, i thought your rod was going to explode in your face. You were disapointed in the fight cuz you horsed that beast in(which is good on...
  3. re: Sniffer/Hooker Fishermen burned in fire>>UPDATE

    Can someone please pm me the link to the other sites talking about this please.

    Thank You
  4. re: Sniffer/Hooker Fishermen burned in fire>>UPDATE

    Hey brother Joe, I dont know you but i have read many of your posts. It pains me to hear of your tragedy and im so sorry for your loss. You just need to know that God loves you brother and he will...
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