It's been a couple of years since I posted this and being that it's the start of fishing season, I thought I'd share this again.

Some Skippers live and die by the 5 Minute Rule. Whether meeting at the dock or somewhere else if you’re more than 5 minutes late then you might miss the boat. Best to show up early because to show up late is rude, and don't be surprised if you are left at the dock. NOTE the 5-minute rule!

Ask ahead of time what gear you need and what you should bring. Some Skipper has plenty of gear while others only have enough for themselves. Some Skipper like to run a certain set up, and would prefer you use their gear.

Ask ahead of time if there is anything else the Skipper need you to bring or pick up: bait, extra tackle, ice, drinks, etc.

Help out where you can (some Skipper have a routine, and don't want your help or they are afraid they will miss a strap, plug, bumper, etc where as other guys will let you do anything): straps, plugs, wash down, cleaning, stowing away gear, whatever. Don't know? Then just ask. They'll let you know where you can pitch in

At the end of the day don't wait to be asked to pitch in. Have the money in hand and ready to pay.

Always offer to split the cost, it’s his/her option whether to accept it or not, depending on your circumstances.

If the Skipper has to ask you to share the expenses and help clean up then most likely you won’t be invited back.

If you pay and then snivel about it, you probably won’t ever be invited again, regardless.

At the end of the day, ask if there is anything else that needs to be done.

Don't forget to say “Thank You”.