Go to http://www.photobucket.com
Create an account or log into an existing account.

After logging in, click Upload.

On the next screen, select the album you want to upload the pictures to.

Then click the Select Photos button.

On the file window that opens, navigate to the picture on your computer you want to upload. Click on the picture.

Click open on the lower right of the box.

The picture will upload, and appear under the progress bar when complete. Click on the picture.

The next page will show the picture full size with a box to the right containing four links.

Click on the link that says IMG Code.

The word "copied" will appear in the box.

Now go to the Sniffer and paste the link you just copied into your post. It will look like this:


EXCEPT the { } will be [ ]

When you preview or post your thread, the picture will appear in the post where you pasted it. Like this:

All of the pics in this tutorial were posted using photobucket. This is the easiest way to post pics, and works well once you do it a couple of times.

The PhotoBucket also works on iOS and Droid devices. I'll make a tutorial for that if you guys need it.

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