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    Re: Trolling for Striper; How To

    Here's a wealth of info: Trolling for Stripers. This forum has lot's of good reports as well. Best way to learn is to go with a pro...well worth the money.

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    Trolling for Striper; How To

    I heard to use yo-zuri; the red headed one and the rainbow trout looking one with a white or chartreuse worm off the back hook. I usually troll down river. What is a good ground speed heading down river. When I am fishing salmon it is 2.6-2.7 mph going down river with a k14. Is this about the same as stripers with Yo-Zuri's? Also do you use a splitter with 3 ounce weight to get it down on the bottom? I caught one shaker striper last year about 18in at Discovery Park with the splitter 3 oz method. That is my only striper catch ever. A couple days ago I was trolling Indian slew down next to Discovery Bay and just got skunked. Well my rod tip would stop shaking after about what seamed like 1 minute because of all the veg I was hitting. I talked to a guy that was top water fishing with what I think I remember him saying was some kind of bullet plug or something. One of those that you move in hard jerks to get the water to shoot up in front of it. He said he caught 6 in 20 minutes but we watched him for about 15 and he didn't get any. He said you have to be there when the tide is changing. Anyways if anyone can share some knowledge that will get me a keeper striper I would be very grateful. Also I have a boat in west sac and will take someone out if they can teach me how to slay some striper. I just need something to do until July 16 when the real fun begins.

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