This time with our friend Jake (Mackattack). We got out of the truck at the Elkhorn launch and immediately realize that the trailer power connecter had somehow gotten torn out.
Since Jake is a mechanic he would be able to fix it before we drove home so we launch the boat. As we were ready to head out the fish finder wouldn't turn on. What???
Mike and Jake worked on finding the problem. Still no luck. So a day without the ff. Luckily we know most of the depths in this area. And again Jake is going to come by after work tomorrow with his tools and test the wiring. Thanks Jake!
A little stressful start but we sucked it up and went upriver to start our troll. It was a beautiful day and boy am I glad because that is all we had to do today as the salmon didn't want to play. Even the Guides weren't having any luck. We did see a sea lion (Furbag) chasing something. So there are fish out there.
It was also nice to meet and chat with Marine 47 from the fishing forums.
We called it a day about 1:30. Jake treated us to lunch on the way home. Thanks again! Not sure where we will be fishing next weekend. Might give Pardee kokes another go or try another stretch of the sac river.
Happy Sunday friends!