I was just wondering what are some of your favorite ways to prepare planted trout. I typically do 3 different things.
I will wrap a whole trout in a tight foil pack with some basic spices and some onion slices and put it on my propane grill for 10-15 minutes per side on a medium setting. I know a lot of you think cooking trout this way is wrong but I have friends and neighbors that love it and so do we.
The other thing we do a lot of is to cook the trout as described above then let it cool and make fish cakes. I get a LOT of requests for my fishcakes. You can read any fish cake or salmon cake recipe you like they are all similar.
Of course the other way is to smoke them. After they are smoked I will occasionally make a spread with sour cream and cream cheese that I put on crackers and I like that a lot. I prefer pepperoncini peppers with my trout spread and others prefer capers. A beer and some cheese and you have a great afternoon snack.
I do cook it other ways but these are the most popular at our house.