I'm off each Tuesday and Wednesday and have a 17ft tiller boat with a 40hp motor that I plan on taking to Sac as much as I can this Salmon season (probably once a week) and would like to have a consistent fishing partner. Probably launch out of discovery park... unless you know the area and have a better suggestion. Sometimes I bring my cousin or son, but they have lives and Tuesday/Wednesday doesn't always work for them. I'm 45 and live in the east bay.... so it's a good hour plus drive for me, plus crossing the carquinez bridge. Somebody to help offset the costs, help net a fish, conversation, and if you have any local secrets that would help us, that would be great.

This is not for a one time trip... looking for somebody who could go often on either Tuesday or Wednesdays.

Oh, and I have a jealous wife... so no pretty women. I want to be able to continue fishing.