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    Re: Hell Hole and French meadows 9-23&9-24

    Great report and awesome pics!! Thanks for sharing... That's a lot of fish and fishing trips in one week

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    Hell Hole and French meadows 9-23&9-24

    Hell Hole reservoir and French Meadows. 9-23 and 9-24.
    What a whirlwind trip! We have to give it up to Rich from Gvf Lures for driving three hours each way to fish with us for five! He showed us the Hell Hole ropes and guided us through that crazy launch for our first time!
    It was white cap windy (Story of our vacation. lol) But we ended up catching one small trout and three kokanee. One that was red and went 15.5". Gvf Orange gold digger, Silver comet/Moonshadow flashers, Pinkanator/clockwork orange dodger.
    We had a great time hanging out with you as always Rich!!! That night we stayed at big Meadows camp ground. It wasn't very full except for a few guys there for deer hunting season. We had a nice spot and made a video of us putting up the new pop up tent.
    We were dressed like Eskimo's for the 22 degree's overnight but it wasn't too bad. We skipped breakfast and left camp not long after sun up. Figured we give French meadows a try on our way back down the mountain.
    It was also basically deserted. We launched at 8am and trolled for trout and hopefully browns. We always have luck for trout with Gvf lures and today was epic!
    16 trout to 16.5" with many ldr's and sdr's. These fish were beautiful and super clean! Caught from the surface to 45'. We had a double and a triple!!! Fish were caught on Gvf Holly's Ruby slipper!!!, Silver comet, Pinkanator/moonshadow flashers, Purple/gold Gold digger, Green/gold Gold digger.
    We did release a lot of fish, Keeping some nice ones and some small bleeders. Took only nine home from the trip. I do want to mention that we put the new trailer to the big test this weekend with that crazy road up to hell hole and it preformed perfectly! Thank you Doug Philpott!
    Mike and I hit three different lakes in one week! We are super tired but in the best way! Would totally do it again! Enjoy the pics and videos! River salmon fishing is next!

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