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    Re: WSB ... How to ....

    Good luck, catching a WSB in Capitola is a true feat. I've seen it done and even hooked one from the skiffs once. But it's few and far between. You'd be much better off focusing on using a 3 way for lings, buts and hope for a wsb.

    They can school up when the squid are in, but they usually are so stuffed they don't eat in my experience. They also spawn down there, I've seen big schools of HUGE wsb on the surface who wouldn't touch a flylined like sardine.

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    Re: WSB ... How to ....

    Following. :)

    -Lou (Louis)

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    WSB ... How to ....

    Hello everyone,

    I am not from this area, from Hungtington Beach, CA. Although I've been living in the Bay Area for over 5 years now, I've never really had the time to fish much. Since moving to the Bay Area, due to my divorce I've sold almost everything fishing related. What I have left are a couple 2 speed talicas (TAC 8, 10 and 12) some rods and miscellaneous odds and ends. I'm familiar with the ocean, tides, swell reports etc. but I've never really fished locally. I used to do a long range trip every year and tried to get out on overnight boats or day and half trips whenever I had the chance.

    So, finally this weekend will be the first time I'll be going out and fishing locally. My buddy says they rent out little skiffs off the Capitola Pier and he says he has always had success with bottom fishing the local reefs. Well, I have to admit I have been somewhat spoiled coming from Southern California fishing Pelagics with the occasional WSB off Catalina and squid nests in San Diego Bay. However, I am at a total loss here. My buddy says he knows some spots but I always try and do as much research as I can and not totally put my successes in the hands of another. There are plenty of articles that have covered this topic but from my experience fishing changes all the time.

    I would really appreciate the input of some local fisherman that have actually been successful WSB fishing. Yeah, I get it, without giving away your highly prized numbers, I 'd appreciate some tips and best bets if some of you were to target this species around this time of year. Thanks in advance for everything.

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