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    Re: Catfish (the one that got away) san joaquin river nov 2017

    It's fun to watch someone get excited about catching a fish. Most people turn back into little kids. Sounds like it's a good thing she aims like one too...

    Well done.

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    Catfish (the one that got away) san joaquin river nov 2017

    Hi guys, went out to the San Joaquin River Saturday and got on the water around 7. Launched It Las Plumas near Patterson and drifted down river stopping every couple hundred yards to soak some bait. It was the first time I saw a fog this year and it was pretty thick. For the first 45 minutes or so we didn't catch anything stopping about three times I suppose. We had some pretty good luck couple weeks ago with some stripers and catfish at one spot about a mile and a half down river from the launch ramp so we were hopeful once we anchored up there we would have some success. We were using Shad minnows Frozen from a previous trip and 1 oz sliding weights. When we arrived there were some people fishing from the bank exactly where I wanted to fish. We drifted Down River from them to the bottom of this sweeping hole lined with concrete chunks and Fallen trees. First cast fish on second cast fish on and so on it was very good action and a lot of fun. The video clip is that my friend and she hooked a really nice catfish. At 54 years old I have a lot of fishing knowledge to share. Lessons from the past let's call it. With all my knowledge I have yet to master the art of when to share your knowledge and when to STFU. It's kind of funny to give somebody good advice and watch them ignore it and then watch them get mad at themselves. I think it was the comment "when daddy tells you not to lift the fish into the boat....." said jokingly that got me in trouble as you see the tape in quickly and I believe there were objects being thrown about my boat by her. I am good at ducking though. All joking aside it was a very productive day fishing the water has dropped a couple of feet I believe it is even a little warmer than it was. Have a good day Ken

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