I had a little excitement today fishing for stripers at Two Rivers RV Park in Manteca. I tried soaking bait a couple places and got small hits and caught a couple of small stripers. I ended up at Sturgeon Bend and wasn't getting any bites. If you are familiar with the river here it's kind of unique I think you can even see it from Google Maps. What I'm referring to is the water from the Stanislaus that is Flowing down river doesn't completely mix with the dirty San Joaquin River water. That's what made sturgeon been a good salmon fishing spot. you could always catch the salmon in the clear cold water along the bank which was coming out of the Stanislaus. so I could see dirty water where I was fishing and I can see a big pool of blue water on the other side I went and anchored up on the side with the blue water and couldn't have picked a worse spot to try to Anchor up it was windy I only have one anchor and I was literally doing circles like if you were fishing a slack tide in the delta with a little breeze. it was crazy I was trying to Fish Two Poles I had fishing Line everywhere wrapped around my legs my arms trolling motor it was crazy. so I'm out there on this merry-go-round trying to fish and I have chicken liver on one pole and fresh big Shad on the other. will you know how it is with chicken liver I'm constantly getting bites so I can't set the Pole down. and what happens my baitrunner with that big Shad starts singing. I grabbed my p o l e but nothing. I'm holding it for about 30 seconds with nothing but what really probably happened was he took so much line so quick I had no idea where he was he was down there swimming around in my Merry Go Round. he took off on another run like his first one and that was all she wrote. Great fight while I'm doing circles. I still have to go and cut fishing line out of my trolling motor I'm sure from that chicken liver. it was a good fight it was fun it was steady action there's quite a bit of water coming down right now so you can take a medium sized boat out there and nothing like fresh Shad when they hit it and go baby. 1 ounce sliding weight and it was caught about noon. right now sturgeon Ben is so different from what you may have remembered it to be like. There's a whole new channel and the rivers just changed so much from these high waters. I have a little video of the fish take care tight lines peace k e n