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    Re: Don Pedro Kings?

    Try rolling shad behind a dodger. We used to nail them at Don Pedro like that. That's if you can find some nice shad. Never tried chovies but what the heck, run a rod all day ya never know. Sliding hook rig with the trailer a treble. Tighten it up to get some bend in the shad to get a tight roll. Worth a shot.

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    Re: Don Pedro Kings?

    I have fished Don Pedro a couple years ago and at the time the Modesto Bee had a fishing report the included Don Pedro. The report was written by Gold Country Sport Fishing, Monte Smith. At the end of the report Monte would say for any additional information give him a call. I was very pleasantly surprised by the information Monte gave me. What lures to use and what area to fish. Also the Fish sniffer has a video on fishing Don Pedro. Hopefully this will help you and please let us know how you did when you do Don Pedro.

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    Don Pedro Kings?

    Is anyone catching(or fishing for)any kings in Pedro?..I've fished the river arm up from Moccasin 2-3 times since early November(looking for kings and/or trout) but have been focusing on Melonies trout the last few weeks as we've been doing well there...I personally haven't had much success with landlocks but have seen and talked to guys in the past who have done really well there...not looking for anyone's secret spot but any reports/advice would be appreciated!!

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