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    Re: Popping Corks for stripers?

    I've had the same idea. With the number of fish that miss a topwater, using a fluke behind a cork seems like a natural followup bait, without the delay of a second cast.

    That said I've never tried it. Let us know how it works.

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    Re: Popping Corks for stripers?

    I've seen people using the wooden eggs shapes popping corks with a super fluke jr on a 3' leader when they are keyed in on small baits. They cast a mile, and can really be effective in the right situations.

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    Popping Corks for stripers?

    Iíve seen popping corks in Walmart and was always curious what they are used for. I did some online searching and they seem to be used for sea trout and a couple other types of fish we donít get here on the west. Does anybody use em for stripers (or anything else on this side of the country)? Seems like maybe some sort of rubber swimbait or worm or something hanging off the bottom may get some strikes? I donít know, only striper fishing Iíve done has been soaking bait.
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