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    Re: New bass fisherman (SF Bay Area)

    A fantastic beginner bait is the ned rig also. My personal favorite colors are mud bug and The deal. One is a craw imitator the other is a Shad. 1/6oz seems to be the sweet spot for weight. Cast them out let them hit the bottom and slowly drag them along the bottom. Focus on sloping rocky banks. The bite will simply feel heavy. Good luck!

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    Re: New bass fisherman (SF Bay Area)

    Im new to Bass Fishing too.
    Old guy thats been a bait soaker all his life.
    Been after LMB recently in the South Bay.
    My Experiance has been finesse baits. Only thing Ive caught LMB on.
    I live very close to and fish Almaden Lake.
    20 guys can be fishing that little pond.
    I have only see fish caught on finesse baits.
    Im sure others will say different.
    The other reservoirs have fish too.
    All are over fished.
    Good luck! Tight Lines!
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    Re: New bass fisherman (SF Bay Area)

    Some good advice from crestliner. I would suggest watching the instructional videos by "flukemaster" on YouTube . His videos are very informative and he's a great teacher. He also has a new series of videos he's putting out that is somewhat of a beginner's guide to bass fishing, selecting rods and reels, lures and baits etc. It's very overwhelming to see all the different crap there is for bass fishing when you just want to start. These videos help with thay.

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    Re: New bass fisherman (SF Bay Area)

    You don't mention what methods you have tried but I will tell you what I think you should try to at least land a couple of fish.
    Soft plastics on a light sensitive spinning rod is where I would start. Try Roboworms in natural colors like green pumpkin or a medium brown. With that being said I use more in Warmouth color than anything else but in your lakes something else might be better. Drop shot, darthead, or split shot.
    Senkos in natural colors. Rigged anyway you like from a wacky rig to a Texas rig.
    Creature baits like brush hogs.
    If you cannot fish very slowly with soft plastics you might try throwing some small swimbaits like Keitechs or even small crankbaits.
    I have had decent luck in my boat getting new anglers to land bass by throwing small swimbaits and telling them to just reel it as slow as they can stand it. The bite is easier to feel with a tight line application like slow reeling. On a drop shot or darthead they may be picking it up and spitting it out before you realize it.
    Are you fishing from shore?

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    New bass fisherman (SF Bay Area)

    Hey everyone! I'm a new bass fisherman (just started fishing in general this season) and former lurker here on these forums living in the Bay Area (SF/Santa Clara. I was wondering if any users on the board here know of any clubs or other resources for someone just starting out and trying to learn what to do. Very few of my friends fish, so I was hoping to find some other folks who wouldn't mind a newbie tagging along. I've been pretty persistent up to this point, but have been skunked about 13x in a row so I figured that it's about time I try and figure out how to more consistently improve. Have tried most of the reservoirs in South Bay, and have been to Lake Almaden in particular multiple times as I like the scenery there. I also know that the weather has been pretty erratic, which hasn't helped the bite, so I'm hoping the warm front starting next week will help.

    Thanks in advance!

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