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    Re: 2004 2101 Striper Hard top 5.0 Gxie / 8 hp Yamaha High Thrust

    thatis asatifying

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    2004 2101 Striper SOLD

    I have owned this boat almost 5 years and have invested quite a bit in it so far.
    Trailer: tires, rotors, calipers, pads bearings, seals, and jack. Kicker: start button and impeller.
    Sx outdrive: replaced trim cylinders and lines. Gimbal, bellows checked and u-joints serviced. Engine: Fuel cell (pumps), risers/manifolds.

    Now the rub, after finding low compression during trouble shooting, then pulling the heads, and finding pitted pistons, bad valves, blown head gasket, I decided to have the engine removed and rebuilt. Well turns out it wasn’t rebuildable due to cracked heads and general poor condition of the block.

    Now it needs a new long block. I checked around and looks like about 2500 for a remanufactured one. I’m not sure I want to fool with this any longer. I have a new Gregor that doesn’t give me any trouble, other than making payments forever. Owing one hole in the water is bad enough, two is insane…..

    So I thought I’d see if anyone else would like to take a crack at it. I’m looking at 10K for the works.

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