Looking for a potential buddy or two in the greater Fresno area who wants to carpool up the hill and hit some local trout hotspots this summer. I'll be hitting some of the reservoirs for bank, float tube, and/or 'yak fishing along with some streams as the season progresses. I'm also thinking about hiking into some backcountry lakes as well.
I've been fishing the area for over five years and know many of the area trout spots fairly well. We're talking Huntington, Wishon, Courtright, Dinkey Creek, Portal Forebay, Mono Hot Springs area, Bear Creek, etc, etc along with some spots in Madera county. I do a lot of full or half day trips (mainly Saturdays or Sundays after church) along with some overnight or three day camping trips as the season progresses.
I'm located in Fowler and open to all legal fishing techniques although I'm more C&R most of the time. Although I have a lot of experience soaking bait and have had a few 60+ fish days drifting dry flies on wilderness streams, my true passion is ultralight spin fishing with down-sized hardware and mini jigs. This technique has proven very effective for me most places around here. Shoot me a PM if interested in hooking up.