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    Re: Tomales Bay Today 5/15

    Good stuff. Ill be up there soon since i got a few weeks away from work.

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    Tomales Bay Today 5/15

    Went with my cousin to Tomales Bay today. Launched out of Nicks Cove at 5:30am to beat the low tide and lines in the water by 6am. Did the same thing I did last time that worked.... frozen anchovy behind an 8” pro-troll flasher. My cousin got the only fish, 25”. He had a second but we lost it at the boat... he probably thought it was my fault for bumping it with the net, but it was actually his fault cause would wouldn’t stand up to get the fish to the surface... so I had to try and bet a fish that was 2ft underwater. Anyway, he was still happy, and he even let me keep the remaining anchovies... maybe I should get pizza tonight and use em on it...

    It’s better to be fishing and thinking about God then to be in church thinking about fishing.

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