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    Re: Limits at Camanche with Robbie-Koke Machine

    Danny: That was a Lot of Fun today!!! Thank You for joining me!!! Hope you learned some new stuff as Well. I will add a photo of the 10 that we both caught. Yes, Number 10 was on a few times. Lol
    IMG_4496 (450x338).jpg
    Until Next time. Robbie & Danny (Koke Machine Guide Service!!!

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    Limits at Camanche with Robbie-Koke Machine

    Had a great time today with Robbie-Koke Machine Guide Service
    He definitely has that Lake dialed in. We had limits up to 3 lbs by
    10:30. We lost about 5 that we had close to the boat. Tried for
    10 by 10 but I lost #10 by the Boat. Then we tried for #10 by 10:10
    and Robbie lost his at the back of the Boat. Then at about 10:25 it
    was my turn and Robbie netted #10 for me.

    It was a great time. I couldn't get the picture from my phone to load
    so I'm hoping Robbie can load his.

    Thanks again Robbie!!

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