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    Great report. We will be headed there the weekend after father's day. What were the depths that you were at and what lures would on use. I have never jigged for them but have a new trolling motor with spot lock that I will be trying. Thanks

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    Shaver 6-9

    Got up to Shaver around 7:45 and noticed that most of the boats and guides were fishing right outside the buoy lines off the marina. As I started passing the docks, marks on the sonar started popping up so I stopped and dropped a jig. Bam, first koke of the day. My partner also dropped his jig down and got his first koke ever. But the fish were moving so we were constantly trying to chase them around the area. Had three in the boat and then the bite stopped for about an hour. Changed colors, sizes and types of lures but none would hit. Then the dinner bell came back on and caught another 4 fish pretty quick. Moved back into the launch area and finished out our limit.

    Fish are smaller this year, 14-15", compared to the last few years. One of the guides said a 17" fish had been caught but most are smaller. Overall 10 kokes to the boat, lost another 5-7 and released a nice little smallmouth. All fish caught jigging 1 oz lures in pink and blue. Two notes though: fish are already starting to produce eggs (a little early), very little in their stomachs and what was in them was black looking, instead of the typical army truck green colored daphnia.
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