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    Re: Shimano Tekota L/C reels

    PM sent.

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    Re: Shimano Tekota L/C reels

    I private message to you and my cousin texted you but neither of us had heard anything back yet? He is interested in one of the 500 reels
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    Shimano Tekota L/C reels

    I have a over abundance of these reels right now. I have 2-500’s-SOLD, 1-300-SOLD and 1-600, all are line counters and have either 40 or 50# braid on all of them. All the reels have been cleaned, oiled and have new graphite washers in them. If I can actually load pictures this time the 300 and 500’s are in great shape but the 600 is rough but it is all cosmetic. I HAVE ONLY THE 600 LEFT and since its cosmetically butt ugly but works great, I will sell for $85 text 916-803-3971, thx 48DAEA57-5885-4483-B537-7FD4D1B0CE41.jpg40823CAB-C079-4C9E-968B-8E5619B49A39.jpg834B426B-0A99-430A-AFF0-E3029EFA19E1.jpg7ECCE6E1-CD91-42B0-AFE2-4584FE0C51AF.jpg1E7457F1-3C83-45F5-AF3F-B6D5EE4A917E.jpg
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