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    Re: Questions on fishing Bolinas, SF Bay

    It sounds like you are targeting leopard shark based upon your mentioning midshipmen. If not, my reply is irrelevant.

    I have never had the pleasure of fishing the Bolinas lagoon, but I have heard it can be good. I have fished many times in SF bay both from boats and shore, and I think the basic principles would be the same.
    April through November is the main window, and May through October being some peak months. They can, however, be caught year round. Summer can be outstanding. If I was to fish the lagoon, I think I would research the tides even more carefully than other places. I think I would try to be there at the start of the incoming and fish all the way through until the water got too shallow. i am not sure if there are deep channels that are within casting distance. This would be a part of your research.
    Midshipmen are excellent baits. Interestingly enough, they can be really effective certain times of the year in certain areas and not so much in others. For example, they work well in San Pablo bay until July, then mudsuckers and other baits will work better. I suspect it has to do with migration patterns and such. Uncured salmon roe, squid, herring, anchovy etc all work. Squid will often get the attention of bat rays which can be a hoot to catch.
    Check out other resources such as youtube etc on some sharkin' tutorials. They are a blast.
    Similar to when you visit a website and there are advertisements, here is mine lol. Please release females. Gracias.

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    Questions on fishing Bolinas, SF Bay

    Where is the best place to fish in Bolinas? The lagoon? When would be the best time of year and what is the best time of day right now? Any tips on it. I have squid and herring for bait, but I have read that Midshipmen is the best... Also places nearby Bolinas that you can recommend would be great, thanks!

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