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Thread: Tahoe Macks

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    Re: Tahoe Macks

    As MKE said, you're not too early for Kokanee. They will school up tighter as the season progresses, but they start to turn for spawning by then, so my advice would be fish now if you're after them.

    As for Macks, jigging is fun, but you've got to find fish first which can take a while. My go-to is trolling a power minnow behind a dodger. Not the best big fish technique, but it's put more fish in the boat than anything else we've used. The key in my mind is trolling tight to the bottom. Tight as in dropping your downrigger till it hits bottom and cranking up 10 feet, and repeat every few minutes. Word of caution, don't hit bottom in rocky areas, and be prepared to get hung up from time to time.

    I don't get up there all that often anymore am not an expert, but that's what's worked for me in the past.

    Enjoy your trips.

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    Re: Tahoe Macks

    The kokes are there we've been getting limits most times out with a bonus bow or brown to realise. As far as Macs go your on the right path with the lures. There's a few more lures I would get. I've got a lot of Macs the last year and a half on Brad's Cut Plugs and Mini Cut Plugs in rainbow and brown trout patterns packed with tuna and shrimp/ krill oil. While jigging I prefer the P line laser minnows with a 3- 5 inch swimbait 4 feet above.

    Good luck to your dad and you and don't give up on the kokes it's been a good year for them.

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    Tahoe Macks

    My dad and I fished Tahoe for the first time last Sunday, and plan to go out several more times over the next month.

    We went out targeting Kokes, but had no luck and spotted no schools on the finder. We located a shelf in 100-125 ft of water that held a lot of fish on the bottom per the finder, and in two passes over that area we ended up catching 2 small Macks on a trolled wedding ring and corn.

    It seems we might be a bit early on getting into big schools of Kokes, so we are planning on targeting Macks for the first time this weekend. I have read through most of the old posts on this forum related to Tahoe Macks, and have gathered that jigging seems to be a good way to target them.

    Is 30lb braid and a 10lb flouro leader going to be our best line set-up?

    I saw P-line Laser minnows mentioned in 2-4oz sizes. Any others I should pick up or recommendations on colors?

    My dad likes to troll, so if we find a large enough area holding them, may try for them trolling flatfish or Rapalas.

    Most of the threads I have been reading are 4-5 years old, so I am just seeing if anyone has any different recommendations from what I have found in the old threads.

    All info appreciated of course!

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