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    Re: Fishing near Gualala Point Campground area

    From CA Fish and game map

    73) Gualala River (Mendocino and Sonoma cos.). Main stem below the confluence of Wheatfield and South Forks. Also see section 8.00(b). Fourth Saturday in May through Mar. 31. Only artificial lures with barbless hooks may be used from the fourth Saturday in May through Oct. 31. Only barbless hooks may be used from Nov. 1 through Mar. 31. Fishing from a flotation device is prohibited from Nov. 15 through Feb. 28 from the confluence of the North Fork to the Highway 1 bridge.

    Looks like is only closed April 1 to 4th Saturday in May.

    I fished Big River in Mendocino Labor Day weekend for nada.

    I have started Perch fishing. Kinda fun. If you keep, know the Regs!

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    Re: Fishing near Gualala Point Campground area

    Haven't fished that particular area but i have North and South of there. Surf perch fishing is my goto. Find the steepest part of a sand beach and fish gulp sand worms on a Carolina rig. 3/4 - 1 oz egg sinker. Spinning gear, but you don't need to cast a mile.

    Would have to check regs for steelhead, but October would be several months early for fish in those rivers. Need higher flows to bring fish up.

    Good luck. Great part of the coast to visit.
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    Fishing near Gualala Point Campground area

    Hello all,

    Just wondering if I can get some advice. We usually canoe and fish at Bodega Bay. We decided to try the Gualala Point Campground. It sits right at the river leading to the ocean. Any advice on fishing the river near camp and hitting the surf for fishing? We are there the 1st week of October 2018. I will have to see what is open. I am not even sure if Steelhead is open until I look it up. Thanks for any and all advice.


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