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    Re: 20' Gregor Eagle

    Thanks for the information on the site.

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    Re: 20' Gregor Eagle

    I bought a 20ft Gregor Eagle from Auburn Outboard marine a little over a year ago. To this date I have logged 92 trips with this boat and fished it all over Northern California. Fresh water to Salt water and also a few trips to the alkaline water of Pyramid lake in Nevada. This year also I did every kokanee power derby except one where we took my buddy's Tim's 20 ft Gregor eagle.

    As most of my friends know I have owned about every brand boat there is and My Gregor eagle has been my favorite. My reasons, Very very low maintenance and Very economical. These boats are very light weight ( 1140 lbs dry weight). No tandem trailer needed and no troublesome trailer brakes. Also with these boats they don't take a huge gas guzzling outboard to move it. My boat has a 100 hp Honda and it jumps on plane super fast and tops out at 40 mph on the GPS. My buddy Tim liked my Gregor so well he bought the same boat but had a 90 hp Honda installed. His also jumps on plane fast and tops out at 38 mph. Because of the light weight of these boat they use very little fuel. I hardly ever have to fuel it.

    One of the best features I like about the boat is the big Clipper bow and the rest of the hull design. The big clipper bow really slices through the chop and swell in the Bay and Delta along with big boat wakes. It also tracks really straight in the rough water like trolling for butts in the Bay. The hull is also built with ribs that really do a great job of deflecting the water. These boat are really dry riding.

    When I was looking at boats I wanted a light weight boat that was the biggest, widest and a boat with deep sides with a good amount of storage. These boats have storage Everywhere. Two big boxes under the front seats, big storage under a hatch in the floor, and two monster storages on both sides of the splash well. They also have a good size fish box in the bow and a good size anchor locker. I found Everything I wished for with the Gregor Eagle.

    How I rigged out my Eagle

    Honda 100 hp
    Honda 9.9 hp Power thrust, Full forward controls
    80 lb Riptide on the bow w/ I piliot
    4 Scotty 1106 downriggers
    wash down system
    Garmin echomap 74 DV
    Cobra VHF
    Full canvas

    If your thinking about buying a great handling and economical fishing boat Check Out the Gregor eagle boats at Auburn Outboard Marine.

    2017, 20ft Gregor Eagle, 100hp Honda, 9.9 Honda, 80 lb Riptide, 4 Scotty 1106's

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    20' Gregor Eagle

    The Gregor Eagle Has Landed!
    The word is out.... 2018 was an awesome year for the Gregor Eagle and 2019 model year 20' boats are here! The new 18' eagle is also arriving shortly. These ultra efficient fishing machines have proven to be exceptionally seaworthy and incredibly versatile. Although available with larger engines, the Standard Honda 75hp &60hp provide more than enough power for most any fishing adventure.
    Check out this amazingly engineered model for 2019 ( Also available in our 18' Length)
    From the heavy grade fluted marine .125 bottom to the unique straked hull with sharp clipper bow,
    the engineering screams California Built Gregor Quality all the way to your favorite fishin hole.
    Powered by Honda, this rig will be the last boat you'll ever need and if you wear this
    baby out, well, you're having way too much fun....or maybe that's how it's meant to be.

    Let us option out a rig for you. Hurry, 2019 production slots are going to fill fast!

    This isn't Grandpa's Gregor!

    Call Mike at 916 343 3648 or 916 652 1660 for more details and photos.


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