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    Re: AR salmon beading set up

    Not a lot of guys do it, but swinging a flashy streamer has a lot of potential to be effective. Same concept as running spinner and spoons, or backing a plug into their face, but can be done more precisely in tighter quarters, and skinnier water. Would also raise the bar a bit on the perception of the technique. Just food for thought.

    Good luck and hope you get into some.

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    AR salmon beading set up

    Greetings! I’d like to give it a try on AR using a fly rod with beads. Thinking of 10wt rod & reel, floating line and #15 leader with #5 bead. I’ve seen guys do really good next to ripples, or some spot casting at deeper slower water. Would you recommend sinking tip line, maybe use of split shot in faster deeper water, and placement of it? Leader 6’ max? All the advice appreciated! TL!

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