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    Re: Garmin Tr-1 Gold Autopilot problem

    I had similar problems a few years back. I found a poor connection on the deck mount switch and resoldered it and has worked fine since. I think I had to cut their shrink tube around the deck mount switch to locate.

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    Garmin Tr-1 Gold Autopilot problem

    I’m having a problem with my Garmin TR-1 Gold kicker autopilot and am looking for advice. It’s always worked well but started behaving erratically, wouldn’t go into and out of standby, would put itself into standby, throttle control wouldn’t work right. I talked to Garmin and replaced the handheld controller, same problems. Replaced the $400 hydraulic control unit, same problems. The two components left are the deckmount switch and the compass ball. I’m trying the deckmount switch next before replacing the $350 compass ball, because the connection from it to the hydraulic control unit looks suspicious. (I've attached a picture showing the grey stuff at the top of the connection.) The Garmin tech (who I have found very knowledgeable in the past) said sometimes you just have to keep trying parts until you get the right one. Anyone had a similar problem with the TR-1 Gold and have any advice?
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