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    Re: Pacifica Crab Opener - report

    Was out at pacifica pier saturday at midnight to about 3am for one keeper and a few shorts and pregos. PD does lock the pier but opens it at 12am for opening weekend only
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    Pacifica Crab Opener - report

    Got out there mid afternoon Friday, went to the pier around 1 am and was surprised to see dozens and dozens of headlamps, I guess Pacifica PD elected to not lock the gate Friday night.

    Found our spot and threw out four snares between my buddy and I (squid, mackerel and anchovies). Lots of hoop nets and crab pots over the rails with crab coming up randomly amongst them. Females with eggs and some small males, occasional rock crab also.

    Low tide was at 2:30 am (roughly), crabbed through the peak of high tide but the numbers began dropping off for everyone. Brought in one legal size one and was surprised to see that even with 45 minute to one hour soaks the snares were coming back up with all the bait intact.

    Crabbed until just after the peak of high tide and then napped until the afternoon tide began coming back in - crabbed from Lindamar Saturday evening until after the sun went down, from the North end of the beach working our way South to the midpoint. Brought in several more dungies on the beach with all but one being too short, no females amongst them.

    Weather was beautiful, minimal surge. One shark came up over the rail on the Pier after getting caught in one of the loops of a snare. Luckily, after multiple photos, he went back into the water.

    Hope the rest of you did better on the opener!

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