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Thread: Napa 12/15/18

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    Re: Napa 12/15/18

    Thanks for this report. Mike sure knows these waters and if he's not getting a bite, there usually a good reason. I've marked some Napa River fish, too, but haven't gotten on a good bite yet. Only fished it twice in the past couple months.

    My action is coming near the MBF and Grizzly Bay. Lots of OS fish in the system and according to the guide reports, more arriving daily from the bays. I'd expect the Napa bite to pick up as well.

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    Napa 12/15/18

    Fished the Napa river and SPB last Saturday aboard the Predator out of Vallejo. Chilly conditions but no rain. I thought for sure the bite would be on since a low pressure system was in. Fished up to a few miles upstream in the Napa. Lots of great marks, but no takers. Variety of baits including grass,ghost, anchovie, roe and eel. Slow outgo was the primary tide we fished. Depths of 8-30 feet. Water temp around 55*. Water was stained but not muddy as would be expected on a slow tide.
    The tide slowed so we moved out into SPB in about 7 foot depth. Same water temps. The usual SPB brown water. Some bigger size bass came aboard, but the sturgeon never did show. I caught one small bass who is currently swimming free.
    A rather ho hum trip in terms of catching, but the fishing was good. Always good to be on the water.

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