One more time to Topaz. JB Fishing and I arrived on the West Shore North of the BUG Station just before 0730. The sky was overcast and temps in the mid 30s. In my previous 4 trips to this water this year I have managed only one trout. We fished until 1400 and managed only one fish to the shore. Jeff got it not I. To tell the truth I spent more time talking then fishing. Doug Busey is a local angler and fishing writer for print and online reports. Even did some TV. He also lurks from time to time on the boards. In our discussion I found a fisherman who had knowledge of our area that was astounding. I also found a gentleman who was willing to listen to my boring stories. Doug, it was a pleasure meeting you. Jeff. Thanks for the ride. I'm bound to catch another trout soon.


First Clouds then Sun.

Doug Busey

Jeff's Trout.