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    Re: Steelhead in American River Hatchery fungus question

    This is completely normal for the steelhead. Some of the bigger ones have already made the journey twice and you can see the scars from the past fungus damage. They will heal if they can make it back to the ocean and survive the predators. The higher water levels should hopefully flush them back to the salt water.

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    Steelhead in American River Hatchery fungus question

    I has some time to kill on Sunday and took the kids down to the Nimbus hatchery and was impressed by the number and size of the steelhead in the ladder. More than I expected, and it always surprises me the size of American River fish compared with the Feather fish I grew up with.

    One thing that caused me some concern was that the majority of fish in the ladder had that white fungus growing on them. It's not that uncommon in steelhead, and almost all salmon get it eventually, but I'd say 90% of the steelhead had it. I realize these are hatchery fish, and not a lot will make it back to the ocean, but some should have a chance in theory. Maybe this is more common than I remembered, but surprised me a little.

    Interested to know if this is a regular thing, or something specific to this year. Just curious.

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