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Thread: They are back

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    Re: They are back

    Hey I’m new to surf fishing or bank fishing and looking for good spots to try for halibut. I know some people have “secret spots” but I’m just looking to find somewhere where I might have better luck at and see how it goes. Or if anyone wanted to show me he ropes I’d love to go fishing and meet some new angler friends !

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    Re: They are back

    I didn't know people target them from the bank. That's awesome!
    Here they come!

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    They are back

    Spring is finally are here. Birds are chirping in the early hours in the morning. no more rain are reported in the weather forecast. I even heard some reports say stripers are active on the surf. with that info in mind. i had decided to go target Halibut. figure every other scenario were dead on. got myself situated, got to the hunting ground with no one in site. Fan cast for about an hour had one tiny little hit, i stop reeling and pause until the rod tip starts to bend and so i set the hook and i felt the weight, after a few head shakes. landed this beautiful Hali.:) Had another hit but missed.:(theyrback2.jpg

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