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    Re: amazon downrigger balls?

    I bought a couple 12# pancake weights from Amazon about a year ago. Brand was Black Max (probably the same as what you are looking at). Price was relatively low.

    Anyway, as far as I can tell they are still doing fine. They have some kind of coating which I doubt is truly waterproof, but so far so good.

    By the way, the pancake shape doesn't play well with holders like the Scotty Weight Mate. I modified my Scotty holders to fit the pancake weights. Also use a strap with velcro so they won't bounce out.

    Edit: Just thinking -- maybe the price diff is iron vs lead? I really don't know.
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    amazon downrigger balls?

    Hey folks, i'm in the market for new downrigger weights. Amazon sells 8lb cast iorn pancake weights for $20. My question is it worth investing in a name brand ball that is double the price?

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