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    Re: Lowrance Hook2-7" Triple Shot, Giving up !

    Had an Elite 5 years ago that just stopped working after several years. Replaced it whit the same unit and was good, but the features were lacking compared to Garmin, so I got one of their Echomaps this year.

    So far so good!
    Here they come!

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    Re: Lowrance Hook2-7" Triple Shot, Giving up !

    I had the same issues with Lowrance several years ago.

    I purchased a Garmin echoMap and never looked back.

    The Raymarine Element is working great for several friends.

    The Raymarine Axiom is awesome if you can afford it.

    A friend sent me this link to a review / comparison website.
    I just ignore the Lowrance info!!

    Just a reminder that regular software updates are required for most of the units these days.


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    Re: Lowrance Hook2-7" Triple Shot, Giving up !

    My son purchased a 10in. Lorance locator with Gps. More things that I would use. I was very greatfull. I belive he paid 2500 to 3000 dollars for the unit. I was only able to use it 4 or 5 times before it went out.The fuse did not even blow out!. I sent it to Lorance for repair. I had this unit 1 year and 1 month. They said the warenty had expired and they did not make that unit any more but i could buy a simular unit if I would pay 7 or 800.00 more. I don't belive Lorance will get any more money from me. Aparently I am not the only person to have this problem with Lorance. Check all reviews you can find!

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    Re: Lowrance Hook2-7" Triple Shot, Giving up !

    My friend has a Hook 5 and had to send it in also. would not show water depth. Don't know what is with lowrance anymore They did have great units years ago.

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    Lowrance Hook2-7" Triple Shot, Giving up !

    Replaced the Raymarine Dragon fly on the boat with a Lowrance Hook 2-7 " triple shot last Feb. 2018. Dragonfly worked well but being 70 the eyes are not what they used to be. Small screen. The Dragon Fly would show the downrigger weights and suspended fish just fine. The Hook would not show the downrigger weights and rarely show suspended fish, but would show fish on the bottom. Early this spring the Hook went blank ???? The chart worked fine. After going on line and asking for help Lowrance now bought out by Navico asked that I call. Which I gladly did. I worked as a Control Tech on system controls so computers and electronics are not magic to me. After fighting with a phone answering center employee that it was not a problem of how the Transducer and Power plugs were plugged in they agreeded to have take a look at it. My cost to ship it ($ 29.00 ) I got another unit not my back ( Different S/N ) and thought all was good. On the Lake out of the dock and started fishing ( Trolling now the fish are down 25 -30 feet ) Frist hour no downrigger weights or suspended fish I had a hook up and landed , put in the fish box to look up and the Sonar is back to black ??????? Another call to Navico same are the plugs plugged in correctly route I asked for a tech. Finally got a guy ( his name was Star ) that knew what he was talking about. After a half -hour I asked if he could look up to see if the first unit had had a problem. Which it did. Simple trouble shooting lets send both the Transducer and head unit in for a check..... He agreeded. Another $ 29.00 and off they went. I am done , have lost confidence in Lowrance, After looking at the available chart sonars I ordered a RayMarine Element 7 " I want to fish knowing what depth the fish are and where my tackle is ! Any one else have a problem with the Hook 2 7" ?

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