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    Re: 7/9/19 My PB @ Camanche

    Gotta love it when you set the hook and it doesn’t move.

    Congrats on a fine day.

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    7/9/19 My PB @ Camanche

    Camanche Bass.jpgMy son-in-law and a friend and I made a trip to Camanche. We started around 6:00am and it was slow to start with but around 8:00am it picked up. One here and one there. We started all the way up river on the rock walls we found. We had caught around ten fish when I thought I was hung up on the bottom until the bottom started moving and jerkin. It was a 191/4 inch large mouth that went under the boat about three times until I was able to bring it next to the boat where my bearded Son-in Law grabbed it and pulled it in the boat. I would say it had to be at least 4 lbs. (no scale in the boat) and gave a great fight. I'll try to post a pic.

    FPR Dale Attachment 34137

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