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    Re: Hell Hole Kokanee

    you lost your cannonball between the generator and the toilet bowl bay se direction from the generator, correct ?
    100' depth underwater ridgeline at normal lake levels.
    Hammered macs at the dam in December at low water levels, 17#er and several at 8# and up

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    Re: Hell Hole Kokanee

    Good job fishwrong! Sometimes the Kokes save the day. Your right chubs that big make for good eats for them big boy's.

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    Hell Hole Kokanee

    Made a trip to Hell Hole this weekend. Plan was to put in time for a decent Brown or Mack. Had one downrigger release on the big gear, but no one was home when I got to it. That was all. Also donated a downrigger weight to the fish gods.

    Decided to salvage the trip fishing Kokanee. Got a limit but they were only 10-12”. Also picked up a few dozen crawdads. Got a new trap with bigger openings and also got a half dozen chubs. Good to see there’s plenty of food in the lake.

    Lake is down about 20’ from full. Kiewit is working on the dam. Heard chatter that they’ll start drawing it down next week but not sure if it’s true. Road is in rough shape. Lots of potholes and a couple short gravel sections. Between the fire and heavy winters it’s taken a beating. Thankful for the work they’ve done. Slow down and pay attention if you go. I love that place but it’s a commitment to get there.
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