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Thread: Top Water bite

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    Re: Top Water bite

    Good for them that you came along and that’s a pretty bass. I hope the fishing gods continue to shine on you for your actions, saved those guys some serious cash too.

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    Top Water bite

    This is a super late post, I have been out of State for the last week +, just wanted to post that the Fall run is here. I fished the West Delta two Saturdays ago. had a healthy 10 pounder blow up my 5" black whopper plopper on my tenth cast of the morning. It was a stocky mama with a brick for a head. I thought we were going to be in for a legendary day, but soon after we ran into a couple of stranded boaters. The wind was pretty nasty that morning and where they were stranded they looked to be in a possibly dangerous spot so fisherman's code, we gave them a tow back to the launch. We towed them with my little boat across some really messy water getting soaked along the way. It took up most of my morning window and then the wind got really bad after we finally landed them back on the launch safely, so we decided to end the trip after just one spot fished.

    I know that for any boater, making the time, and spending the money to have a day on the water is a huge investment, and that when you show up to the launch and your boat is acting up, most people will try their best to right the ship. Please keep in mind that when you do risk going out on the water in a suspect boat, you are not only putting yourself in a precarious spot, but also anyone who will end up coming to your aid. The guys we helped out were really nice guys, and very thankful we helped, but their day wasn't the only day that was ruined, my day also ended when we spent the better part of the morning towing them back in very windy conditions.

    Please don't be afraid to abort your trip if you get to the launch and something is not right with your boat! I have driven lots of miles, crossed bridges and paid tolls only to find at the launch that the conditions are much more dangerous than forecasts called for and I have never been afraid to pull the plug for fear that I might make the news. I know some unforeseen freak breakdowns can happen, I have had them too, but if you spend more than 5 minutes trying to fix your boat at the launch, just be safe and abort the mission! No fish is worth the trouble of being stranded on the water.

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