Back in my early years, below Popcorn and Dago beach were the hot spots to go.

Then there was the Block house and then Warriors point............

I just think it comes down to where the food is and how the weather and wave action
"Develops" the shore line and drop offs in the areas of the lake.

Lots of times the shore guys can't get to a drop off, so it is a "Dead area" until it is useable, again.
I remember one year, with high water, that my fly line back casts were picking up sage brush at Popcorn.

Just have to scout out the areas to find the fishable areas and drop offs, if possible.

Boaters have it a little easier but there are good and bad places for them, alike......
plus the worry about wind that the shore guys don't have to fear.....
however getting knocked off of a ladder by a wave, is not a fun thing.