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    Re: [Sac River/Delta/Rio Vista] - 2-24-25 2012 - Catfish & Strippers - Friday & Satur

    What part of the sac river or port are you thinking of hitting? I was thinking about hitting the deep water channel either off jefferson or marshall rd or possibly hitting somewhere on the sac river for stripers/sturgeon. I think the people fishing off the bank are doing slightly better in the DWC than the port; ondabank and sac/striper/slayer are fishing the deep channel, also less hike. There's one more area to drive in to fish the DWC but my car was scraping the ground, there appears to be more potholes there than when I was there in summer so I can't go there without a long hike or bike.
    Had a take on a mudsucker 2 weeks ago when I was on the dwc so I been wanting to go back there. Also had bites on eel/roe/crawlers on the sac river at garcia bend around a month ago but not sure if they are just junk bites or not since I didn't hook anything.
    Few stripers were "reportedly" caught in the sac river around sacramento last week according to the WON report compilation so I'd be up for dwc or somewhere on the sac river.

    Doubt I'd be awake as early as you will but maybe I'll see you out somewhere if we happen to plan on hitting the same waters.

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    Fish [Sac River/Delta/Rio Vista] - 2-24-25 2012 - Catfish & Strippers - Friday & Saturday

    Best way to get a hold of me is Warren L Shafor | Facebook

    Anyone interested in fishing on Friday or Saturday? I might try to hit the Port-o-Sac or the Sac River / Delta from shore and try to land a Stripper. I'm shooting for a morning start time. Friday would be around 7am or earlyier and home/back in sac by 3 or 4 pm depending on how things are going. Saturday early start time of 5am-7am at the latest home/back in sac by 3 or 4pm.

    I will have room for 2 or 3 people depending on the dates. I will state when and where I will be heading and how many seats are open. I do not own a boat but I’m willing to haul yours if my 4Runner can handle it. I have a tow package and trailer light plug installed as well as a 2 inch hitch with ball. Please help chip in on gas if I haul your boat. Thanks this would be wonderful. You will have to pay your way in if we go to a resort or a paid fishing spot.

    PLEASE BRING: your own water, lunch, snack & tackle box & fishing poles. I have something’s to share in my tackle box but I'm not a convenient store. Also bring MONEY. You never know when you will need it. You will also need your FISHING LICENES, & ID card just in case. Camping chair or bucket to sit on.

    WHAT NOT TO BRING: Anything that is illegal, Drama and negative vibes & so on...
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