Finding Trout…

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So, I recently had a Fish Sniffer reader reach out to me and ask several questions about trout fishing. I had every intention of publishing it here and then answering him, but I can’t seem to find the message…Hmmm. As … Continued

Gearing Up For Bass!

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At the end of the day, I’m a trout fisherman. My first fish was a rainbow trout and my last fish will likely be a rainbow as well. However right now my mind isn’t on trout fishing or sturgeon or … Continued

Catch The Big Chill For Bass

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Courtesy Of Berkley Many bass fans stash their tackle in cold storage during the winter, but Berkley pro Josh Bertrand isn’t one of them. The savvy western angler knows the coldwater period offers ample opportunities to catch largemouths, spots and … Continued

Salmon Fishing Delta Style

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We all know that during the late summer and fall, the upper reaches of the lower Sacramento River and the American River play host to pretty good salmon fishing, but one thing a lot of us tend to forget is … Continued

Natural Baits For Big Rocks And Lings

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  Salmon are sexy, stripers have intimidating power and halibut offer table fare that is second to none. Yet, for northern California saltwater anglers in search of consistent fast action nothing beats targeting bottom fish. Indeed, the only potential stumbling … Continued