Stop the Agreement Between the Feds & Westlands Water District!

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Action Alert from Restore the Delta: Please call Governor Jerry Brown, Senator Barbara Boxer, and your Congressional Representative today, and ask them to oppose bill H.R 4366 (Valdadao) to affirm an agreement between the United States and Westlands Water District … Continued

Governor Brown: don’t undermine environmental laws to push Delta Tunnels

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Delta advocates are very concerned that Jerry Brown may work with the incoming Donald Trump administration to weaken the Endangered Species Act and Clean Water Act to push through Brown’s “legacy” project, the Delta Tunnels, before he leaves office. On … Continued

Vote Yes on Prop. 53 – Stop the Delta Tunnels!

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Governor Jerry Brown and his allies are dumping millions of dollars into the campaign against Proposition 53, a California ballot initiative that requires voter approval before the state could issue more than $2 billion in public infrastructure bonds that would … Continued

Brown administration applies for permit to kill salmon, Delta smelt

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Governor Jerry Brown and other state officials have constantly claimed the Delta Tunnels project will “restore” the Delta ecosystem, but they revealed their real plans on October 7 when the administration applied for a permit to kill winter-run Chinook salmon, … Continued

California’s Scariest Halloween Horror Show: Jerry Brown’s Delta Tunnels

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While adults and children alike dress up as vampires, ghosts, zombies, extra-terrestrials and other creatures on Halloween, Governor Jerry Brown is busy promoting his own real life horror show that exceeds the terror found in any scary movie that’s ever … Continued

New study reveals how reducing river flows harms San Francisco Bay and coastal waters

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One of the most difficult ideas to get state and federal officials to acknowledge is that fish and marine life in our bay and ocean waters need fresh water flows to thrive — and that diverting massive of quantities of … Continued

Governor Brown Admits Delta Tunnels Are Unpopular As Legislators Slam Project

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On the same day that Governor Jerry Brown jokingly praised former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger for saddling him with the Delta Tunnels and other “unpopular policies,” four Northern California Congress Members and twelve state legislators issued letters strongly opposing the tunnels … Continued

Fishing and environmental groups ask agencies to dump Delta Tunnels or start over

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One day after Governor Jerry Brown once again posed as a “green governor” and “climate leader” while delivering the opening remarks at the 26th Annual Conference of the Society of Environmental Journalists, a coalition of fishing, conservation and public interest … Continued

The Big Money Behind Jerry Brown’s Water Policies

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This November 4 will be the second anniversary of the passage of Proposition 1, Governor Jerry Brown’s controversial water bond, a measure that fishing groups, California Indian Tribes, grassroots conservation groups and environmental justice advocates opposed because they considered it … Continued

Legal victory by fishing groups could ‘pull rug out’ from Delta Tunnels plan

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Two fishing groups won a major legal victory against the federal government and agribusiness interests on July 25 when the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals overturned Delta water contracts with the Westlands Water District and other irrigators. The ruling by … Continued