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D-Zone Bucks: Part 2 D-Zone Bucks: Part 2

Written By: Cal Kellogg,
October 1, 2014

Author Cal Kellogg, kicked off this discussion of D-Zone deer hunting opportunities in the last issue of the Fish Sniffer. Here is the conclusion-Editor.

The final positive factor in hunting D 3-5 is the chance of encountering a truly...


D-Zone Bucks! D-Zone Bucks!

Written By: Cal Kellogg,
September 22, 2014

For me the deer season had come down to the final day. I’d been hunting national forest land just inside Zone D 5 with a pair of Zone D 3-5 tags in my pocket as often as possible for the better part of a month. Success rates for hunters...


Epic Adventure: Panama Kayak Fishing Epic Adventure: Panama Kayak Fishing

Written By: Headwaters Fishing Team,
September 19, 2014

We launched from the beach at the crack of down on the search for an elusive trophy fish before catching a plane around 11 am. The previous 3 ½ days had been spent paddling miles of the extremely scenic shoreline that borders one of the...


Jingle All The Way

Written By: Kathie Morgan,

One of the more interesting benefits of having to move from one's residence of 35 years is going through all the "stuff" one has accumulated over the years. For someone such as myself who is interested in so many activities, the sorting/saving/storing/dumping process...


2013 Buoy 10 Salmon Season – Great Memories And Heartbreaks

Written By: Bill Kremers,

The 2013 season for me was one of great memories and heartbreaks and I still have five more days of fishing to go. This is the only time of the year that I fish for over two weeks straight and I have to say I look forward to each day.

Many of the heartbreaks have come...


Picking The Right Shotgun For New Duck Hunters

Written By: Aaron Fraser Pass,

If location is the key element in real estate value, comfort is the critical aspect of successfully starting a new shooter into the world of waterfowling. The comfort factor mostly falls into three categories: comfort with the gun, comfort with the recoil, and comfort...


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High Sierra Golden Trout Grand Tour 2013!

Written By: Forum Member: sierra fisherman,
October 12, 2013

Well with me heading off to Marine boot camp October 20th my Dad (Captain Tahoe) and I wanted to head out on one last backpacking trip together before I leave. We planned on spending 16 days hiking 60 or more miles and visiting 20 or more lakes, in search of giant golden trout in the...


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Gizmos, Gadgets And Comfort Gear For Anglers And Hunters! Gizmos, Gadgets And Comfort Gear For Anglers And Hunters!

Written By: Cal Kellogg

As anglers and hunters we have tons of gear, rods and rifles, boats and ATVs, lines, lures, bullets and more. Depending on what activity...


The Art Of Knife Sharpening The Art Of Knife Sharpening

Written By: Cal Kellogg

“A dull knife is a dangerous knife.”… When I was a youngster this old saying confused me. In theory, how could a dull knife be more...


Is Bigger Better? Is Bigger Better?

Written By: Dan ArbuckleHeadwaters Fishing Team

The debate has been raging lately in the kayak business about "Is bigger better?" Many companies are focusing a lot of money and effort...


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on: June 23, 2013
Species: Bass

Kris Caceres of Loomis hangs another nice large mouth from one of the many un named ponds in the sierra foothills.

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