View Full Version : Fort Ross 9/16/12 - Hogy baits get it done!

09-19-2012, 12:10 PM
Launched late around 10:30am. I was going to head down to Timber Cove to join the masses but the wife and kid like the beach at FR (happy wife happy life). Headed north, water was really flat. Marked some spots and dropped my line. Arrived at the big rock as a couple guys reel in a pig ling, had to go 20# easy. Nice fish!

Today I used 10" Hogy stick baits all day. I've never used them before but they looked awesome. I used white and rainbow trout pattern, I added a orange strip on the belly on the RT and red 3oz heads. Started with the white, did pretty well for a bunch of blacks, gophers, a small cab and some under lings and a bunch of LDR's. Half way through the day I switched to the rainbow trout with the orange belly strip and red head. WOW, It was on! This thing was on fire, 21" and 24" Cabs, several lings mostly keepers to 29" and a SDR salmon. Haha yaaaa, as I was reeling in, it shot from under my boat and hit the Hogy. I really didn't set the hook, it was pretty cool to see though. I can't wait to use these again, way more action than a Hammer SB and no lost tail. Sweet baits, check em out...