View Full Version : Real Deal Cajun Bkackened Fish ( Yummmm )

09-23-2012, 09:05 PM
I have yet to have this done correctly in a resturant so here is the recipie for one of the best fish meals I have ever had and believe you I have had many. I prefer Halibut for this recipie but any premium whitefish should work.

You will need a medium size cast iron skillet, salted real cream butter, Chef Paul Prudommes'
"MAJIC seasonings blend" Blakened Redfish Majic, a good stout medium blade spatula and preferably a small ladle with a lengthy handle. This recipie is best performed out of doors as gets smokey and the butter will flash flame briefly when applied to the very hot skillet. a small bowl of water will be needed as well and a small table or similar to keep everything in arms reach of the burner being used as this is a fast process. Oven mitts recommended too.

Take your fish filet and cross cut into steaks close to 3/4 inch thick and not over or will not cook right. Warm appx 1/2 lb. of the butter into a small pot and keep it melted. place the seasoning mix appx 1/8 inch deep on a dinner plate. Pace the skillet on the burner at high heat for several minutes until it gets so hot it starts to turn a dry ashen color. Lightly wet the fish fillets with your hands and lay onto the seasoning putting a heavy coat on the fish on both sides . stand away from the skillet and qickly pour ( not drop ) a ladle of the melted butter in the skillet and prepeare for the flash. Flame will die out it a few second or cover quickly with a lid to douse and immeadiately lay a nice sized fillet in the skillet. after just over a minute ( 45 seconds ) quickly apply another ladle of butter over the fillet and quickly using the spatula make a nice firm drive to the bottom of the skillet and sweep the fillet so as to keep the seasoned crust intact and flip it in the skillet away ( not toward ) you. Wait 1 1/2 minutes and remove the fillet to the serving plate, hand it off to someone helping you to serve. Now quickly using a clean kitchen towel or healthy wad of paper towels wipe the skillet and get it back onto the hot burner and repeat. You should be able to knock out 4 servings in under 15 minutes . If fillets are slightly thinner reduce cook time ( no kidding ). This is why it is called "Blackened Fish" not singed, seared or otherwise. Serve it with a side of Cajun rice or a nice Pilaf and greens or your choice and prepare to be impressed. Sounds brutal but tastes awesome. Some like something like a mango salsa served on the side but I am not one of those. Serve it just like my tequila ,,, sraight up !!!

09-26-2012, 06:52 AM
thanks , I love cajun and will try this one