View Full Version : Busts for A and D6 zones! But sure was fun!

10-30-2012, 04:03 PM
I easily put 1500 miles on my truck, and at least 30 miles on my boots this season! With the high gas prices, it was not cheap! I hunted both A zone and D6 this year. As the title suggest, no bucks harvested. It wasn't that we didn't see any, we just couldn't connect and be at the right place, at the right time. Hunted with my in-laws (uncles and cousins) who are hunters so we have a good group of six all together.
Hunted Indian Valley res the A zone opener. Was supposed to be a 6 day trip but mother nature kicked us hard where it hurts! First it was in the middle of a heat wave with very little shade. Was there early friday and we left monday for two reasons. The heat obviously over mid 100's each day, and one of our guys had a serious fall busting brush on a steep hill on Sat the opener. He didn't want to ruin the hunt by having too leave, he didn't brake anything but he was hurtin' so we dosed him up on pain killers and he became a full time posted spotter but he couldn't shoot cause his hands took the worst of the fall. We had the right plan, rotating, we had three guys on high posts over looking the canyons we hunted, and the other three would bust brush to push deer out. While busting through the thick manzanitas I found several bedding areas and a few spots with very high density of deer tracks. And I almost stepped on a rattler again!. I stepped on a dead manzanita branch to brake it so I could continue on my path and the branch smacked a sleeping rattler. You ever hear a PO'd 3 foot rattler rattle? Loud and NERVE WRECKING when you're that close. I finally spotted him after about a desperate minute trying to locate him then I left him plastered by means of a big rock. Sorry, it was hot, i was hot, i was cranky from bustin brush and he was not moving outta my path which was my way out! Lesson learned, wear your snake chaps no matter how hot it is! Continued on and we only pushed out does and a small forkie buck that ran over the opposite ridge from our spotters that saw him go over and get shot by another group of hunters hunting the canyon next to us. was only able to hunt early morning and very little in the evening due to the heat. Well good thing we left Monday cause come Tuesday, the entrace was on fire! Other spots for A zone hunts was Knoxville WA for 2days, Cottonwood creek, 3 weekends and down to Coalinga for the weekend which was thick with hunters! Came close to a nice thick forked buck closing weekend in Cottonwood creek within shooting distance but the turd was on the other side of the fence on pirivate property. Watched him for an hour but he dissappeared in the Prv Prop. A zone bust!
D6 zone, hunted Stan Nat Forest up by sonora pass for the opener with the same group for 4 days. Same plot, 3 guys posted and three guys busting brush and pushing through the forest. We pushed bucks out but we just could not connect! Shooting at running deer through thick forest with a scoped bolt action rifle at close range was not doing it for us. We pushed minimum 8 good bucks out but we just didn't have the right guns for the job. Time to to get a semi auto rifle with iron sights for this kind of hunt. Talk about bad luck, our guys posted up had deer running behind them. One of our guys had a buck run behind him and put him in his sights but did not shoot because my truck was in the line of fire and just watched the buck trot into the woods. Back at the campground, a group had three bucks hanging by the evening, a 2x3, 3x3, and a nice 4x4 which looked to be a Hybrid. A big rack but he didn't quite look like a muley or a blacktail. Then another guy in the same group was leaving Sunday and 1/4 mile outside camp he shoots a buck just off the road and here he comes all excited roaring back to camp with a six point blacktail on his hood for his friends to see!
I got a couple chances to hunt down in Jamestown on some private land but I didn't see a single deer each time I went. Finally, I hunted the long barn area this past Saturday just for the day. i went solo and I didn't even bother hiking. After the storms I figured the deer should be moving around a bit so I found a nice high spot over looking some small patches of open ground I could easily glass. Just my my luck, early in the morning a pair of bucks come out and as my luck has it, they were way out of range. They were walking along the edge of the trees going uphill and all I could do was watch them go back into the woods. No way I was gonna be able to cut them off. Stayed till about 2 and called it a day. D6 bust! Now I just got Quail, Turkey and Pheasant to look forward too. Might try some pig hunts but I'm gonna wait for a few more stroms to get the pigs moving around. Overall I had a blast each trip! Already itching for next seaon.