View Full Version : Catch and Release at Lake Sonoma, Ca.

Line Stretcher
11-04-2012, 08:48 AM
I no longer endorse the catch and release of Steelhead at Lake Sonoma, Ca. Lake Sonoma is not a "put and take" lake. The fish that are in it are there naturally. They do not replace the fish you catch with fish from a hatchery.

I went up to the lake this morning and found five dead Steelhead laying on the bottom at the ramp. That say's to me that there are many many more laying on the bottom throughout the lake. I was so disgusted that I left.

Obvioulsy people do not know how or when to catch and release or just don't give a darn.

They either don't understand the regs and why there are regs or worse, think they don't apply to them.

If you have two fish and keep fishing you're at risk of heavy fines. Any fish caught after the first two are kept and does not survive the release either puts you over limit or can be considered wasting fish. It'll be up to DFG to determine if your over limit or wasting fish. They are watching and so am I.

I've heard reports of people catching 30+ fish in a single outing. This will destroy this fishery again and is defeating the purpose of the two fish limit.

I will be writing to DFG today with this information and request that the regs be changed to 2 per day, 4 in possession and that Steelhead be made catch and keep.

In the mean time I ask that the good folks on this board do the right thing. If you catch it, you keep it and when you've got your two, go fish for bass and catfish or just go for a ride and enjoy the scenery.

Thank You

Pole Dancer