View Full Version : SF Bay on Sat.

09-01-2006, 09:00 AM
Anyone gonna fish the Bay on Sat? I'll be out there with the boy's around 6am. I'll be on VHF #68 so give me a yell and I'll try not to lie about our fish.
BEAR on the Little Blue

09-01-2006, 12:27 PM
I will be on the new goldeneye.

09-01-2006, 01:59 PM
ill be on my 16 klamath sunday try for some salmon in the mourning close to the gate, then for sharks in the early afternoon...

09-01-2006, 02:44 PM
Am I reading right that you are going to take a 16 out past the gate? I was wondering about boat sizes earlier; I have a friend with a 16 Smokercraft that I think I would feel OK at the rockwall with, but I'm not sure about the Point Bonitas and all that. Seems like it would be a "two e ticket ride" ;)
Guess it is comfort level as well.

09-01-2006, 03:45 PM
I'll be out.

09-01-2006, 03:47 PM
I have a 21.5' Crestliner Sportfish and in years past have returned to the Berkeley Marina in 8' swells with wind at 20 knots. It was a ride but my boat passed with flying colors. I dont think we'll see anything like that this weekend. I have seen boats smaller than 16' going out of the Gate but can tend to stay inside or just a 1/4 mile outside near Salsalito Beach. Like I said earlier, I'll be on VHF #68 in the Little Blue.

09-01-2006, 04:27 PM
I'd be out if I could find a ride..................... :P :P :P :P

Great Halibut tides tomorrow :P :P :P

09-01-2006, 05:05 PM
Screaming reels to all and leave some for me on Monday.... ;D