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08-31-2006, 04:20 PM
Up to how many knots is safe or comfortable to be @ the ocean??
Or how tall the waves should be??

Thanks a lot.

08-31-2006, 04:50 PM
It depends on the boat size, and your tolerance for pain ;D

I have a small boat, so I prefer 10 knots or less. 5 is nice. I would fish in 5-15, but you would never see me go out if the forecast is for 15-25. 10-20, depends how badly I want to fish. For swells, I like 3-5 or less, but have gone out in 4-6 feet every 10 seconds with little wind. Hope that helps.

08-31-2006, 07:25 PM
man oh man, this is going to take allot of typing....lol

there are days you can be on the water and the swell is
only 1-2ft and had a crosswind that night that makes the
swell confused...that is the worst....steep troughs and
really close together, kinda like the south bay when the
the wind does blow.....

things in a forecast you want to watch for is
swell duration in secs.......small #s are bad like 6secs
and wind wind speed...here large #s are bad, like 15kts or more
for fishing winds in excess of 10-15 are bad.....
they cause you to drift to fast and cause choppy seas too...

now for some other variables.....

there are swells......
large masses of moving water on the ocean
breaking waves....
this is the height of waves breaking at sea, caused by wind...
surf forecast....
is waves/wave heights at the beaches.....

flat is good, and if you can stand the up and down
19ft seas at *22secs isn't that bad if there's not much wind...
you can have days like lately that are
2 ft swells and 10kt winds that are crossed up
causing a washing machine effect and really hard
to stand up in the boat and fish......
so you always have to compare all the variables and see
whats the end result....

oh last note too....
when you see buoy reports.....
that is usually the buoys on the outside which blow allot,
and if you want the forecast for shore fishing I would use
a site like surfline which surfers use to see waves,wind
tides and weather reports.....
plus they have cams for sf, hmb, santa cruz, monterey,.....
real-time and use them to sea the ocean outside for whitecaps
as well as the conditions on the inside.......
ok, now you know......its dinner time.....lol

here's a surf site you can use and click on the web cams
and read the reports for surf, swell, wind, tides, weather.....


08-31-2006, 08:00 PM
I concure!!! everything above is good advice! Are rule of thumb is 5-15 is a go. 10-20 is a go if its at Marin coast,or S.C. anything above 15-? its time to fish fresh water,or stay home.

09-01-2006, 12:44 PM
Up to how many knots is safe or comfortable to be @ the ocean??
Or how tall the waves should be??

Thanks a lot.

It's not really about the wind, especially radio wind. Radio wind is the weather report you get from NOAA. NOAA will often give a 10 to 20 prediction that as far as I'm concerned means 0 to 20. Fairly often it can be fairly calm.

Also buoy reports are not always great indicators. A good portion of the time there can be wind at the buoy and it doesn't come inshore. When this happens you will have calm day wind wise but often just a slight amount of chop and a little bigger swell.

The best indicators are usually the buoy or radio reports of swell conditions. Swells are caused by wind and are the real problem. Generally look for a swell that is less than 8 foot high and has at least an 8 second period between swells. Also, watch out for unusual situations where you get a cross swell, that's a south swell and and NW swell coming together. These two swells together can be fishable but will at the least slow down you travel time considerably.

Bottom line is if you want to go fishing pretty bad, take your boat and go look. That's how you find calm days with no one out there. Even better find a business on the water that you can call and get someone to look out the window and see the conditions or a party boat spot that will tell you.

09-01-2006, 04:42 PM
Thanks a lot guys for your time, i wasn't expecting all that great info. ;)