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02-20-2013, 02:17 AM
Hello Guys. The lady and I went out to Hensley on Saturday and on Monday. We were going to head to the swim beach however knowing its a nice day and plus its the weekend, it would be crowded over there. We don't like to combat fish so we decided to hike down from Vista Point. Going down is a piece of cake however coming back up at the end of the day is a good exercise...especially when we haul additional weight coming back up.

As we looked over at the swim beach, it sure was crowded on Saturday and on Monday.

we caught 18 fish between the two of us. It was overcast all day. Yes the GF whooped me on Sat going 10 to 8. She also got the largest fish. One around 3.5 lbs (20 inch) and the other 3 lbs (18 inch). We kept 7 to give away to co-worker and friends and safely released the rest to grow up. A lot of action and missed hooked up. A few SDR as well as LDR. The GF had 2 doubles while I was watching her. She goes to one rod hooked the fish, put the rod back down in the rod holder and picks up the other rod and hooks that one. I'm like WTH. haha. She was killing it, running back and forth!!

We fished from 12:30 to 4:40 as we had to head back to go to dinner. Also the Vista Point area gate closes at 5:00. Got home cleaned and filet the fish in 25 minutes as we were running late to dinner.

Bait used were gulp floating brown worm with a rainbow poweregg (power worm setup) got most of the bite. I tried lure with no luck. Tried a few flies out as well, no luck. Seeing how she was up on me 6 to 2, I had to change my technique and go bait on both to try and catch up. :)


GF had a blast on Sat so I let her choose where to go. Of course she picked Hensley Lake and Vista Point again. I'm like dang it, I'm sore from Saturday, haha. It was sunny and warm. Well she figure she need to increase the fish count on me for the weekend.

We make it down to our spot at 1:30 pm. It was slow at first. I got the first fish on. Count 1 to 0. Then she got one. I released my fish however she kept her. She places it on the stringer. I looked over and see my rod double over however before I could reach it, it was gone. I was for sure it hooked itself but of well. It was the most bent I have seen on the rod. It would have been a good size!!

Anyways, I got another planter so its 2-1. Released. 30 mins later she gets one and goes to put it on the stringer only to find that the fish decided to swim off with the stringer!! Apparently she didn't tied the stringer good. Haha. So there is a trout with a yellow stringer swimming around Hensley.

Fish decided to take a break at 3:30 when the wind kicked up.

Well we only had 30-35 mins left before the long hike uphill. During this time, it was back to back action for me. I got 4 in a span of 20 minutes. So the count was 6 to 2. She didn't want to leave but we had to.

Bait used was the same as Sat. Brown worm with rainbow egg.

Its nice to fish when there is no one next to you or near you. I guess its worth the hike down to places where you have it to yourself :)

Sorry for the long post. Here are the pictures. I didn't carry the big camera this time. Until next time :)







02-20-2013, 07:51 AM
Great post and congrats on the nice catch! I definitely need to try to get there.

02-20-2013, 08:17 AM
Nice fish! Love the sandy beach type of lakes. Looked where Hensley is at, , sadly, it's 164 miles :( Will stick to the ones closer to my backyard!